Stainless Steel Hanging Light
Crystal Chandalier

Lamp Shades

Florescent Lighting
The Dining Room

Ambiance - The dining room is that place of the home that you want to be elegant, entertaining, and exquisite. Having a trained, experienced, and highly qualified design expert available to work with, will enable you to experience the ideal dining area you and your welcome guests will enjoy.

Eating - There is so much more to the eating experience than just the consumption of food. Allow yourself and your guests to dine in comfort and style. Get a highly qualified designer on your side to create the atmosphere for the best dining.

Design - Proper design makes all the difference in creating an exceptionally high quality dining environment. The lighting, drapery, furniture, and carpeting are only a few of the considerations that have to be thoroughly planned out and effectively and strategically implemented. A beautifully designed dining room, by a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable designer, will make all the difference for you.

Power - Call the House of Quality Design and Décor to get started on the design you've always wanted. Put the power of knowledge and experience to work for you.