Stainless Steel Tap
White Sink

Ceramic Sink

Steel Running Tap
The Bathroom

Space - The bathroom is a place where an experienced designer can design a proper bathroom environment, regardless of space limitations, where comfort and efficiency can be achieved. The right designer can help you make the right decisions.

Fixtures - The choice of the best fixtures is extremely important in the bathroom. From showerhead to faucet to sink, it's critical to have a professional help you choose the best fixture for your wants and needs. The durability, the look, and the efficiency are all important considerations.

Design - Different spatial situations call for decisions to be made regarding placement of each important piece in the bathroom. An extremely knowledgeable designer, with many years of experience, can help you make the best choices for your bathroom.

Safety - Many individuals may be using a typical bathroom. By making critical safety-related design decisions, the bathroom can be a place of comfort and practicality while ensuring health and safety.

Power - Call the House of Quality Design and Décor to get started on the design you've always wanted. Put the power of knowledge and experience to work for you.